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    Edge data centers

    Discover our solutions for edge computing environments.

  • Drivers and benefits of edge computing

    More and more computing is happening on the edge of the network. This short video presents a summary of this trend and the associated benefits.

  • Internap: colocation in Atlanta

    Providing data center infrastructure, colocation and edge computing services to a wide scope of clients, Internap has built its reputation on speed, agility, and expertise. See how our scalable solutions are working for them at their HQ.

  • IT today and tomorrow Kevin Brown – SVP, Global Data Center Solutions

    “To support the IT requirements of today and tomorrow, more computing power is being decentralized to the network edge.  With forces such as the Internet of Things (IoT), high bandwidth content and latency-sensitive applications driving this move, Schneider Electric delivers solutions and services that meet the needs of these unique environments.”

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    You need to collect and distribute massive information from Big Data and IoT, while providing significant local compute power to store and deliver high bandwidth content to users. Edge deployments present unique challenges differing from those of traditional data centers. They are often remote and without local IT staff support. They require a different strategy because of a longer life cycle, while remaining resilient, and easy to manage, secure and deploy.
    • Regional Data Centers

      High bandwidth content and latency-sensitive applications are being deployed closer to the user. InfraStruxure and prefabricated modules allow for fast modular build-out and future scalability.
    • Remote Office, Branch Office

      IT services are being deployed in geographically dispersed locations to enrich the customer experience. SmartBunker CX and NetShelter SX provide secure, reliable, and remotely-managed one-rack solutions.
    • Network Closets

      IT resources has never been more critical to company productivity, network closets are being converted to support local IT needs. StruxureWare management software, ensures visibility across multiple sites and identifies problems before they cause downtime.
    • Industrial

      The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the convergence of IT with OT requires traditional IT gear to be placed in potentially harsh environments. SmartBunker FX   securely houses industrial control and IT equipment.
    • Server Rooms – Hybrid Clouds

      Applications are being hosted on converged and hyper converged infrastructure.  InfraStruxure and prefabricated Micro Data Centers provide ease of management, security and scalability.