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    Large Enterprise Building Management

    Energy and operational efficiency solutions

  • Davis School District, Utah, US

    Public school district, with 90+ buildings covering nearly 10M ft2, transitions from legacy building management system to SmartStruxure™ solution in three hours. Results: increased operation and energy efficiency and a productive learning environment.

  • Sheraton on the Park, Sydney, Australia

    Luxury hotel improves energy efficiency with upgrade to SmartStruxure solution building management system and saves 15% in energy costs, enabling it to take advantage of AusIndustry’s Green Building Fund.

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  • GwangHwaMun D-Tower, Seoul, Korea

    SmartStruxure solution delivers energy management and occupant comfort at ultra-modern, mIxed use twin towers (commercial office and retail building) in the "heart of Korea."

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  • Vox Telecom, Johannesburg, South Africa

    An integrated solution – from design to completion – implements SmartStruxure solution, StruxureWare Power Monitoring, and lighting control with a single, easy-to-use interface to monitor, manage and control the entire enterprise.

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    Multi ethnic business people discussing work, energy efficiency, oil and gas


    Facing growing challenges, large enterprise building managers need a system to optimize energy consumption, maintain healthy and productive environments, and update aging facilities with anytime, anywhere access to information.
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    Our enterprise control systems

    From a single building to enterprise facilities.

    Customer Value

    • Integration icon Optimize building performance Gain significant financial savings during installation, operation and maintenance of your facility.
    • Handshake icon Maintain facility comfort and increase facility value Create a healthy, sustainable environment that increases occupant productivity.


    • Blue Energy icon 40% of the world’s energy is used in buildings.
    • Blue tools icon 75% of a building costs over its lifetime will go to maintenance and operating expenses.
    • Default Alternative Text Only 20% of facility managers use 80% of their BMS's available capabilities.
    • Blue EcoXpert icon 30% of energy used in buildings is wasted because of inefficient BMS.
    • Blue interactive icon By 2020, there will be 30 billion devices connected via the Internet of Things.
    • Default Alternative Text In developed economies, at least half of the buildings that will be in use in 2050 are already built.