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  • Port of Bergen, Norway LV Shore Connection

    The Port of Bergen (Bergen Og Omland Havnevesen, BOH) is the first in Norway to propose a low voltage shore connection facility with frequency conversion.

    Read more about the reference Port of Bergen, Norway
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  • ShoreBoX for a Clean, Green and Quiet Port of Bergen

    The Port of Bergen installs their first ShoreBoX in low voltage aiming to reduce emissions and noise from offshore support vessels at the port. The installation helps improving health and working conditions in the port and finally in city of Bergen.

    Read more about the reference Port of Bergen, Norway
  • Stena Line Shore Connection On-board Solution

    Solution enables to cut power costs at berth by 50%

    Marine Global installed the HVSC solution as a turn-key project using Schneider equipment, more specifically Schneider Electric’s RM6 and a PLC.

    Read more about the reference Stena Line
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