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Get visibility and control over fuel costs

Fuel consumption represents one of the largest operating costs in the mining industry. Although it is a major expense, it is rarely monitored or controlled effectively.

  • Solutions

    The Fuel Management System for Mining Operations solution helps you monitor, identify and allocate fuel by vehicle type, fuel type and cost center. It provides a comprehensive picture of fuel usage across your entire operation.
  • Value proposition

    Monitor fuel inventories, purchases and usage to help management make better-informed decisions that will increase mobile asset performance, reduce fuel consumption and losses, and improve overall profitability.
  • Differentiation

    • A wireless, easy-to-implement and utilize solution designed for your unique needs.
    • One system to be used for delivery or receipt.
    • Rugged and suitable for use in extreme environments.
    • Open integration with other mining systems.


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    • Customizable reports and trends to enable decision-making.