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    Integrated Building Management Solutions

    Connect all assets, systems, devices, and services for monitoring, analysis, and control of your entire hotel operation via our building management solution. We enable intelligent, connected hotels.

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Hotels are highly complex, energy-intensive environments. Multiple, divergent systems don’t share information. Maintenance is difficult and often reactive. You need to reduce complexity, improve hotel efficiency, and reduce energy consumption—all while delivering exceptional guest satisfaction.
  • Our response

    We simplify complexity in hotels with an integrated building management platform that connects all systems, devices, and services for visibility and control of your entire operation. A connected hotel helps you save energy, boost loyalty and revenue, and improve hotel staff and system efficiency.
  • Features

    • Integration and data aggregation of building management, property management, and guest room management systems
    • Integrated power distribution providing safe, clean and reliable energy
    • Integrated safety and security—video surveillance, access control, fire and life safety systems, emergency lighting, sound monitoring, elevators
    • High-level network connectivity and scalable backbone communication infrastructure, utilizing leading-edge data and digital technology
  • Advantages

    • Out-of-box hotel building analytics: fast and easy installation to maximize hotel efficiency; find faults and prioritize action based on the severity of impact on cost, comfort, energy, and maintenance
    • Native integration with power, lighting, guest room, and HVAC control systems
    • Integration with 3rd party systems and devices
    • Embedded open protocols for seamless integration of disparate systems; integration with existing investments and future-ready installations
business men in front monitors with Schneider Electric monitoring software, reviewing sustainability reporting, big data analytics.

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    Connected hotels enable you to improve guest comfort and loyalty by identifying problems before guests become aware of issues.
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    Improve hotel efficiency, reduce expenses, and mitigate guest complaints by integrating all building systems and ensuring proactive maintenance.
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    Hotel analytics help identify when equipment is running inefficiently and wasting energy, so you can reduce OpEx and extend equipment life.