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    Guest Room Management Solutions

    Provide superior comfort, control, and connectivity for guests, and achieve seamless integration to building and property management systems. Our solutions help hotels deliver an exceptional guest experience while optimizing operational and energy efficiency.

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Guest rooms are unoccupied 70% of the time, yet account for 40-80% of hotel energy consumption. While enjoying their rooms, guests expect a personalized, connected, intuitive digital experience. They want comfort, convenience and control. How do you balance the need to cut costs with ever-increasing guest expectations?
  • Our response

    Our guest room management solutions provide a holistic view of each guest room in your hotel, enabling you to monitor and control energy consumption, identify and proactively address maintenance needs, facilitate maid service requests, and troubleshoot problems remotely.
  • Features

    • Guest Room Management System (GRMS), integrated with Building Management System (BMS) and Property Management Systems (PMS), provides control and visibility of room conditions: occupancy, energy use, temperature, humidity, maintenance needs, and status of HVAC, curtain, DND/MUR, door, and windows
    • Significant energy savings capabilities
    • Guests control curtains, lighting scenes, temperature, and entertainment systems from a bedside panel, tablet, or their own device
  • Advantages

    • Integration of Guest Room Management, Building Management, and Property Management Systems gives a single view into room conditions and energy consumption
    • Guest room analytics to identify malfunctions that impact guest satisfaction (automatically diagnose problems with HVAC, light bulbs, curtain control, low battery on door lock, etc.)
    • Apps provide easy access to room and spa services, concierge, local entertainment, and more
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All Solutions


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    Deliver an exceptional guest experience and ensure loyalty by giving guests the comfort, convenience, connectivity, and control they expect
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    Realize significant energy savings of 25-44% with our Guest Room Management System, integrated with all room devices and 3rd party systems like PMS
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    Improve operational efficiency and reduce guest complaints with our integrated Guest Room Management System, which enables proactive maintenance