• Cement facility at dusk, cement production.

    Power Distribution

Electrical station, energy access, power management.

The core of your business

From new projects to expansions, numerous challenges must be addressed: Disciplined budget allocation and cost control. Safety for people and assets. Availability of critical of electrical systems. Compliance with international standards and local regulations.

  • Solutions

    Extensive range of solutions for the distribution, protection, control and management of electrical systems:

    • Smart E-Houses: Prefabricated substations, control rooms and mobile data centers.
    • LV and MV power distribution equipment: A complete line of MV/LV substations, equipment and components.
    • Supervision: For power distribution and substation automation.
  • Value Proposition

    E-House: A fully engineered, plug-and-play, validated solution.

    • Cost-effective, and fully compliant to the latest building codes and other applicable standards.
    • Adaptation to the plant climatic / environmental requirements.
    • Tested, validated and industrialized by Schneider Electric.
    • Integrated safety, security and access control.
  • Differentiation

    • The largest integrated offer in power distribution.
    • Validated designs that comply with standards and environmental constraints.
    • Efficient and reliable supply chain with industrial footprint and local services close to your plant.
    • Experienced and certified engineering teams to secure your projects.


  • Cement factory at night, cement production.

    Less time and man-power in remote locations to erect and commission.

    Reduced start-up time.

  • Seaside industrial site, mining industry.

    Deliver ready for field installation.

    Easier project coordination.

  • Cement facility at dusk, cement production.

    Less maintenance due to optimized engineering and fine-tuned design.