• Coal mining with heavy equipment, mining industry.

    Enterprise Asset Management

Cement factory at night, cement production.

Asset Management

Organizations that manually track assets, or those without a fully integrated asset management system can face significant inefficiencies and expenses without even realizing it.
  • Solutions

    The Enterprise Asset Management solution (EAM) from Schneider Electric is an integrated business process focusing on three key areas:
    • Maintenance management
    • Procurement
    • Materials/Spares/Inventory management
  • Value Proposition

    EAM provides an integrated solution for maintenance scheduling of mobile and fixed assets.
  • The Difference

    A world-class solution:
    Proven: 30 years experience
    Trusted: over 900 customer installations around the world
    Reliable: completely built on Microsoft technology
    Recognized: identified as the Microsoft preferred solution for EAM


  • Cement factory at night, cement production.

    Effectively keeps track of work orders, labor and materials

  • Seaside industrial site, mining industry.

    Improves inventory management

  • Cement facility at dusk, cement production.

    Improves materials and services purchasing