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    Operations Efficiency

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Efficiency: A constant challenge

Pressure to deliver results in the cement industry is compounded by steadily escalating costs, aging and under-performing assets, and a lack of skilled workers.
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Solutions for Operational Efficiency

Why work with Schneider Electric

  • Default Alternative Text Integrated Process and Power Distribution Get total production visibility thanks to seamless integration between control and electrical systems.
  • Default Alternative Text Best-in-Class Asset Performance Suite From maintenance to equipment performance, we optimize the OEE of your assets and extend their useful life.


  • Blue EcoXpert icon Less than 50% of industry uses any kind of dedicated production or maintenance management tools.
  • Default Alternative Text It is estimated that there will be 30 billion connected "things" by 2020.
  • Blue plug icon A 5% reduction in electrical consumption can be achieved by using advanced process optimization and control.