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    Grid Efficiency-Smart Grid

  • Minera SGrid The intelligent answer to voltage fluctuation

    Minera SGrid is a regulated distribution transformer that helps distribution networks eliminate voltage fluctuation risks. It's an innovative solution based on proven technology and compliant with key modern regulations. See how Minera SGrid improves network quality for new existing or new substations.

  • Addressing utility safety concerns yields added benefits

    Discover how one U.S. utility implemented a cost-effective, efficient solution to help ensure a safe work environment for its employees, while improving reliability.

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  • Saving energy in the smart grid era

    New regulations are forcing electrical distributors to enhance efficiency across their networks. This paper offers a strategy for leveraging smart grid tools that will help meet and exceed regulatory efficiency targets.

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    Grid Efficiency Challenges

    To maximize grid efficiency and cut costs, you must be able to capture and manage massive amounts of energy data — and to predict incidents before they occur. Meanwhile, your investment budget is tight, energy prices are volatile and the risk of losses is growing.
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    Grid Efficiency-Smart Grid Solutions

    Why work with Schneider Electric?

    • Distribution icon Improve grid efficiency Achieve better performance, greater situational awareness and real-time control with integrated, data-driven capabilities.
    • Default Alternative Text Maximize operational profitability Optimize asset usage and workforce efficiency, prevent outages, revenue losses and penalties with our proven solutions.