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    To monitor your assets, tag your breaker.

  • A simple solution to a very complex problem

    PowerTag is a compact, easy to install energy sensor which connects to an MCB, giving precise, powerful, real-time data to building owners and facility managers.

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  • Compact, adaptable design

    A simple solution to a very complex problem: PowerTag®, the simplest and most accessible way to monitor and secure all your electrical assets.

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  • Improve your uptime

    This first-of-its-kind wireless connection provides insight into currents, voltages, power factor and energy usage to better manage critical loads, offering higher levels of efficiency and reliability to both new and retrofit installations.

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    • Tag your existing or new breakers. Continual insight on the health of your strategic assets.

      Tag and monitor loads for:

      • Precise, real-time data on energy, currents, power, voltage
      • Accurate active energy (class 1)
      • Partial and complete monitoring
      • Check phase load unbalance

      Tag and secure assets:

      • Pre-alarm notification on overload
      • Alarm notification for voltage loss and overload-on-trip
      - Immediate, automated email notifications
      - Adaptable for use in building systems and Facility Hero application

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