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    Magelis HMIs: best-in-class operator interface

    Improve your operators' efficiency and machine performance with esthetic, industry-compliant human machine interfaces for easy, reliable and innovative use in all your applications.

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    Magelis STO: A colorful new benchmark for compact HMIs

    Combine high-resolution display with easy installation.

    Discover this compact HMI
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    Magelis GTU: The future is wireless

    Empower your machines with the Magelis GTU wireless LAN display.

    Discover this wireless HMI
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    Magelis iPC: the intuitive industrial PCs

    Make your machine interfaces simpler than ever.

    Discover our panel PCs

    Human machine interfaces designed for a wide range of needs

    Improve your productivity with Magelis HMIs from entry-level to large rack PC – all ready for IIoT. Our modular architecutres make it easy to create tailored systems for your application.
    • Magelis STO compact HMI A new benchmark in entry-level HMIs

      Discover a best-in-class display with a high-res color touch screen, intuitive smartphone-like operation and easy installation.

      More information
    • Magelis GTU W-LAN A smart wireless product

      A flexible solution for smart wireless connectivity in all machine-related industries. A cost-effective solution thanks to the all-in-one display.

      Learn more
    • Magelis iPC HMI A high intuitive interface

      Designed to facilitate machine control, the new Magelis iPCs provide the same intuitive multi-touch gesture support as smartphones for increased efficiency and ease-of-use

      Discover our panel PC


      • Default Alternative Text Intuitive operation; mulltitouch and gesture-based
      • Default Alternative Text Modular design for reduced TCO and tailored systems
      • Default Alternative Text Comprehensive range from entry level HMI up to large size Rack PC
      • Default Alternative Text Combined HMI and PLC units for efficient automation solutions
      • Green laptop icon USB accessories for further improved user interactions
      • Green earth icon Global availability with strong support and service

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