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    Explore a galaxy of possibilities.

    The need for unyielding energy efficiency has given rise to Schneider Electric’s powerhouse innovation — the Galaxy™ VX UPS. It’s a high-reliability, next-level solution for large data centres and industrial or facilities applications.

    Play with 3-phase power in 3 dimensions.

    Play with 3-phase power in 3 dimensions.

    Explore our Galaxy VX 3D Interactive. See how expandable power works inside and out, for large and hyperscale data centres. 

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    • Introducing the Galaxy VX UPS

      Highly efficient, easy to deploy, compact 3 phase UPS power protection that seamlessly integrates into the electrical, physical and monitoring environments of customers operating medium data centres, industrial or facilities applications.

    • 3 Phase UPS Innovation from Schneider Electric

      Preview the Galaxy VX, the newest 3-Phase UPS coming soon to North America. For more details on this innovative offer, contact your sales representative.

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        Galaxy VX UPS Blog

        Read the latest blog articles on the Galaxy VX UPS. Read more
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