Ringmaster C

Hi-reliable Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit for underground secondary distribution.

For indoor and outdoor applications, up to 13.8kV

  • Features

    Extensible RMU combining all MV functional units:circuit breaker, switch, feeder metering units
    • rated current up to 630 A
    • short circuit current up to 21 kA
    • indoor outdoor IP54 design
    • internal arc proof
    • gas pressure indicator

    Self powered protection and monitoring control devices allowing the security of your installation

    • Time Limit Fuses (TLF)
    • VIP protection relays
    • Easergy T200E telecontrol


    Ensuring hi-reliability in the toughest conditions

    Compact, simplicity, insensitivity to the environment, Ringmaster is the compact higly reliable solution for both your indoor and outdoor applications of MV distribution networks up to 13.8 kV


    • Offers compact solution and meets all the MV applications requirements from simple transformer protection to sectionalising with remote control
    • Outdoor and indoor applications