Premset offers multiple easy to select configurations and meets all MV applications in secondary distribution networks

The next generation of compact modular outdoor switchgear

  • Features

    Premset offers multiple easy to select configurations and meets all MV applications in primary and secondary distribution networks from simple transformer protection to sectionalising with remote control.

    • Rated voltage: 13.8 or 17.5kV
    • Rated busbar current: 630 or 125A
    • Rated PF withstand voltage: 38kV 1min
    • Rated BIL withstand voltage: 95kV
    • Rated maximum short time withstand current: 21kA or 25kA 3 seconds
    • Cable earth switch: 25kA, M0, E2
    • IAC class: AF 21kA or 25kA 1 second
    • Degree of protection: IP31 or IP54
    • Functional units
    • 2 switches
    • 4 circuit breakers
    • Bus section
    • Metering feeders
    • Technology: vacuum, breaking and disconnecting
    • Insulation technology: Shielded and Solid Insulation
    • Standards: IEC and ENA TS 41-36 Ed 3

    Contractual warranty
    Period : 18 months


    Modular, simplicity, totally insensitive to the environment, enhanced operator safety; Premset is the future of secondary distribution switchgear. It embraces smart grid functionality with plug and play technology, for easy and simple upgrades.

    • Safe and reliable in any environment

    The Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS) maintains optimal performance in any environment, reducing the risk of internal arcing and improving the safety of people and assets.

    • Flexible, simple, modular and functional

    The highly modular and totally flexible design facilitates easy installation, easy modification, optimised delivery times, and improved cost savings.

    • Smart grid ready, distributed intelligence

    Smart-grid-ready architecture with distributed intelligence that allows for easy integration, easy configuration, and enhanced efficiency through advanced monitoring and control.