Powerpoles and powerposts

Power Poles and Posts providing electrical and communications services to island workstations in offices

Cableline and Bespoke pole solutions

Powerpoles and powerposts
  • Features

    Power Poles and Posts are a highly cost effective answer to the problem of providing electrical and communications services to island workstations in offices, showrooms and other open-plan spaces. 

    Available in PVC or aluminium profiles, our power poles and posts comprise two compartments which can be sub-divided, along with accessories including clip in boxes for mounting at any height. 

    • Ease of installation - reduces installation time and can be a cost effective solution
    • Easily relocated to facilitate changes in demand or relocations
    • Choice of designs to match installation requirements
    • Sylish profiles and materials allowing installation requirements to be matched
    • Clip in accessoriy mounting boxes can be installed at any height and can be retro-fitted


    Choice and Style
    • Two compartments which can be subdivided
    • Clip-in boxes can be mounted at any height
    • Easily moved to meet changes in demand
    • Dual sided
    • Boxes can be retro fitted


    • Commercial buildings

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