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In, how can I move components?
Click on the features of the drawing representing the component to select the component, the component selected will change to a dotted line style...
In, why do some double-clicks not correctly place the selected component?
Double-click places the new component based on origin of the last component selected in Graphical Design tab. If the component is not well placed,...
In, how am I informed of a non authorized action?
A message is displayed in the information zone, at the bottom left of tabs.
In, why is there a camera in “Components” window?
When the picture of a selected element is not available, a camera icon appears instead of it.
In, why are some devices represented by a gray square?
Some products do not have drawings at the moment. As new versions are released, a greater number are expected to be available with explicit drawings.
Can I navigate from one “Equipment” to another in
Yes. You can move from one "Equipment" to another by clicking on the name of the required "Equipment". The procedure is possible in any tab of
Where do I have to start in’s Graphical Design tab?
Standard approach: in “Catalog” part, select devices, then mounting plate, then enclosure and relevant accessories. For each selection, it is possible...
Is there a search function to look for a component in v1.0?
Yes. In version 1.3, there is a search function Also there are two other ways to find components: 1. Navigation in the catalogue. 2. Use an imported...
In version 1.0 of, device descriptions are in English only. Why?
This is the first version of the device database. Characteristics and descriptions are in English only. Future versions will include translations...’s graphical window is small. How can I increase its size?
The size of the graphical window is flexible: you just have to click on the title bar of the windows located above to change its size.
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