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Are screw cover caps available for Cableline 50 dado trunking?
Yes, replacement screw cover caps are available to purchase.  Our product code is BUTTON (QTY100 caps).  We  supply a spares kit (product code CLK3)...
What are the dimensions of size 2 I-Line panelboard MP630142?
The dimensions are: 1807h x 1100w x 258d PLeas find PDF for the dimesion for the Size2 I-line panelboard
What are the maximum permitted loads in Watts for multiple electronic dimmer modules in a single enclosure?
Front plate gang size 2 3 4 6 8 9 12 18 24 Per row (max rating W) 400 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 480 Total plate (max rating W) 400 480 480 740 740...
Which Quadbreak cable box do I require?
The following chart provides the product code of the recommended cable box for each rating of Quadbreak fuse switch disconnector   63A SQBX100 100A...
Where can I download a copy of I-Line MCCB installation instructions?
Installation instructions can be downloaded here
What is the difference between standard and quick fit grommets?
Quick fit grommets have a chamfered leading edge for rapid insertion and has built in strain relief to prevent pullout.  
Can I order just a lid & trim for floor boxes with a INS product code?
Yes, the product code is INSLIDTRIM. Important: Only available for use with PA/ABS version of the floor boxes. The stainless steel version is product...
Why can't I measure a voltage on the light sensitive switch ( twilight switch) output contacts?
The light sensitive switches ( twilight switch) have a "volts free" contact which means that the contact is not connected internally to the light...
Can a third party photo cell be used with the light sensitive switches?
No, the light sensitive switches are designed to be used with the photo cells supplied with them.
How to find Sphere Wireless Lighting Instruction Manual?
The Instruction Manual can be downloaded from attachment
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