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What is the height of the Isobar three phase B board range of extension boxes.
The height of the Isobar B board extension boxes is 270mm. Several extension boxes maybe stacked together if more space is required.
What is the meaning of the utilization categories AC1 and AC3 for the Tesys contactors?
The standard utilization categories defines the current making and breaking values for contactors. They depend on the following: The type of load...
How can I move from the "demonstration" to the "operation" mode on the SFT2841 software for the SEPAM series 20, 48 and 80?
To move from "demonstration" mode to "operation" mode in the SFT2848 software, follow these instructions: Uninstall the software that is currently...
Can the SDE contact be fitted into a Masterpact NT or NW switch disconnector.
The SDE contact does not perform any function on a Masterpact switch disconnector and therefore it's not fitted nor is it available as an option.
Where can I have my Vario Torque screwdriver re-calibrated?
A local UKAS approved calibrator (of test meters etc) should be able to carry out re-calibration of your torque screwdriver.
What is the canvas in the Design zone of made for?
The canvas represents the available dimensions for an enclosure. It appears only if a range has been selected in the previous tab “Equipments”. It...
What is the RAL colour of your grey Part M range of wiring accessories?
Whilst our grey Part M range of wiring accessories are not to a specific RAL code, RAL7012 is the nearest colour match.
What is the maximum earth loop impedance Zs values for ILine MCCB CDAE, CNAE, CHAE?
Please find attached Zs values for CDAE. CNAE and DH range of ILine MCCB In order to comply with BS7671 Ammendment 3: 2015 the figure in the attachment...
What tools are required to install Schneider Electric floor boxes?
For quick and easy installation, self-locking tabs push-fit into place to secure the box, effective in all floor types.  No tools are required.
Can I install two flat plate wiring accessories on a dual mounting box?
Due to large plate footprint, products may not be compatible with flush dual mounting boxes.
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