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I don't like the tone of the audible module (buzzer) of the XVPC signal towers. Do you have other versions?
The audible signaling units (buzzers) on XVPC signal towers are supplied with the option to choose one of 10 tones.  Method for changing the factory-s
What is the tightening torque for the terminal extensions and spreaders for Compact NS100 to 630 circuit-breakers.?
The tightening torque for the terminal extensions and spreaders for Compact NS100 to 630 circuit breakers is: 10 Nm for Compact NS100. 15 Nm for Compa
Can I connect aluminium or copper, flexible or rigid cables to the single and double terminals of the NSX 400 to 630 range.?
In the NSX 400 to 630 range: Single terminals, part numbers LV432479 or LV432480, can take: aluminium or copper rigid cables with cross-section 35 to
Do we have variable speed drives for single-phase motor?
Our variable speed drives are designed to control three-phase motors only. However if the motor is replaced with a 3 phase 240V motor, a single phase
How can I fit the shunt trip MX or undervoltage MN coil on a Compact NS100 to 630.?
Please see the attached instructions. NOTE: The MCCB must be in the tripped position before fitting / removing shunt trip or undervolatge coils.  
Can I replace a broken toggle on an NS / NSX circuit-breaker or switch.?
No, the toggle on the breaker frame cannot be replaced as the toggle is integral to the breaker frame. The breaker frame needs to be replaced. However
Where can I find the characteristics of the LC1D contactors?
You will find all the characteristics of LC1Dxx contactors on the Tesys web page:   The section Downloads has documents ( Catalogues, Brochures, Catal
How can I lock the direct rotary handle on a Compact NS400 / NS630 circuit-breaker?.
The direct rotary handle can either be locked with padlocks or a keylock. Locking with Padlocks: Up to three padlocks can be fitted. The shackle diame
Can I install a potentiometer, part number SZ1RV1202, in an XACA enclosure?
No. There are two reasons preventing a potentiometer, part number SZ1RV1202, from being installed in an XACA enclosure: 1. An SZ1RV1202 potentiometer
How can I obtain the manufacturing date of the Compact NS or NSX circuit-breakers ?
To obtain the manufacturing date of Compact NS or NSX circuit-breakers, read the screen-printed marking at the top of the front panel. The code P07351
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