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Why can't I measure a voltage on the light sensitive switch ( twilight switch) output contacts?
The light sensitive switches ( twilight switch) have a "volts free" contact which means that the contact is not connected internally to the light...
Can a third party photo cell be used with the light sensitive switches?
No, the light sensitive switches are designed to be used with the photo cells supplied with them.
How to find Sphere Wireless Lighting Instruction Manual?
The Instruction Manual can be downloaded from attachment
Can I convert an XBTL1000 application (XBTF terminal) to Vijeo Designer (XBTGT/GK terminal)?
We have a Services & Projects offer making it easy to migrate XBTL 1000 applications created on XBTF terminals to Vijeo Designer applications for...
What is the RAL number for the cream paint used on the Powerpact 4 panelboards.
The cream paint used on the Powerpact 4 panelboards is RAL9001. We offer an aerosol can Part No : 08962 or Touch up paint part No : 08961
What size extension collars are available for use with dado trunking?
Extension collars are compatible for use with Ultimate 60, Ultimate 62, Cableline 50 & Cableline 40 ranges of dado trunking and are available in the...
What are the dimensions of size 1 I-Line panelboard MP25061?
The dimensions are: 1042h x 508w x 184d
Are Loadcentre Distribution Boards still available?
Production of our original range of Loadcentre distribution boards ceased in 1999. However, we are able to continue to supply outgoing devices for...
What are the dimensions of size 1 I-Line panelboard MP40041?
The dimensions are: 827h x 680w x 258d
Where can I download instructions for my G2 Goliath Worklight tripod?
Instructions for Tripod 4507240G2 for use with Goliath Worklights G250, G250 Plus and G250 Pro all old thorsman range.
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