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My Drive is showing nSt when I power up and we can not get passed this.

nSt can mean a number of different things for different drives and and is dependent on the way they have been set up to operate, therefore we will start with the basic possibility.
In some applications the drive is required to start as soon as the Mains supply is applied, this has a safety implication which must be addressed first by the user, and if it is deemed safe to do so the following set up must be followed correctly or nSt will appear.
On ATV12, ATV312 and ATV31C the first thing you will have to do is go to the I - O – menu and then into the tCt parameter, here you will have to change the setting from trn to LEL and press enter to lock this setting in. Now you can link between the terminals +24 and LI1 in this case as soon as the power is applied the drive will start off in the forward direction. If you require it run in the reverse direction the link should be between +24 and LI2
For the ATV61 and ATV71 Go to the menu 1.5 Inputs / Outputs CFG and for the ATV32 it is the FULL menu. Then in all three cases you go to 2 Wire Type (tCt) and change to setting from Transition (trn) to Level (LEL) and then follow the procedure above.
A second application is for the drive to be in three wire control, this is where start and stop buttons are used to control the drive. This is achieved by setting tCC parameter in the I – O – menu to 3 wire type, which automatically sets LI1 to stop LI2 to run forward and LI3 to run reverse. This means that LI1 should have a normally closed contact across it, so if for some reason this contact is open the drive will not start and displays nSt. it will disappear when the contact is closed.
Another application is that an input is set up as a stop type, this input must be held at 24v to allow the drive to run. If this signal is not at 24v the Stop will be applied and nSt displayed on the front of the drive and will remain on the display until the 24v is restored to the logic input.
On the ATV312, ATV32, ATV61 and ATV71 drives the code nSt can also appear when these drives are controlled by a communications system if the drive is not being told to operate it will sit at nSt until the controller tells it to run.

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