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    Arun Shenoy - Vice President IT Business

Professional Experience

I joined Schneider Electric in September 2015 from ABB, where I served as Head of Data Centre Automation in Europe responsible for sales, marketing and strategy development.

Prior to ABB, I founded 2 technology and management start-ups and spent two years at Romonet, the data centre industry leader in predictive analytics, and 14 years at Intel where I served as Director of EMEA and UK&I Enterprise overseeing a period of huge growth. During my time at Intel I was also involved in a number of internally-funded start-up ventures including PC video conferencing, PC-attached toys, MP3 players and internet hosting and content delivery network services.

I have also spent time developing POS and B&B software for the hospitality industry and spent a year working in IBM Research in Hursley. I earned a B.Eng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering at Warwick University after spending my childhood in India. I’m a German national, born in Switzerland and now live in Wiltshire with my wonderful wife and our two outstanding sons.


I have a passion for driving data centre industrialisation, developing true bi-directional relationships, working with people smarter than myself and enabling organisations to flow and people to shine. In my spare time I ride off-road with Gabe, watch Noah excel at ballet and am smart enough to take sagely advice and coaching from Odette. Golf and astrophotography get thrown in when I have a minute.

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